What future for Old Oak?

We meet via Zoom each month, at 6.30pm for an hour or so.  These meetings are open to all of our members.

We have recently switched from the first Tuesday in each month to the first Thursday so our next Zoom .  session will be at 6.30pm on Thursday 6th June.  We have made this change to make it easier for more local councillors to attend.

At present, future plans for Old Oak and the area around the half-built HS2/Elizabeth Line rail interchange are in a state of constant flux.   October 2023 decisions by Government were that both a Euston terminus and the tunnel from from Old Oak to Euston would require private sector funding.  Now we hear from news reports that the £1bn tunnel costs are to be met from public funds.

In this ever-changing scenario, our Zoom sessions are aimed at keeping local residents as informed and up to date as possible.  Although HS2 hold ‘community meetings’ answers from HS2 staff to questions from our members  are often very limited.   

We are trying to persuade the OPDC to be more communicative on the impact of changing HS2 plans on the Development Corporation’s own proposals for ‘Old Oak West’.  Many aspects of OPDC’s 2022 Local Plan and efforts to attract development interest in a ‘major new town centre’ at Atlas Wharf/Channel Gate now face new uncertainties.  Only two press releases have been issued by OPDC in 2024, and both were on minor subjects.  

Please email to oonforum@gmail.com to join our mailing/membership list.   PDFs of the slides used at our meetings can be downloaded from this page on this website.

You are welcome to join the Forum if you live or work in (or near) the area of north-west London for which the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation has been the local planning authority since 2015.  Membership of the Forum is free and open to all.