Planning application at 4 Portal Way

A new application at this site was submitted to OPDC by applicants Aldau Development.  The application is in the name of Gypsy Corner Portal Co. Ltd.   Aldau are an Egypt based real estate company active in the global hotel and leisure industry.

OPDC has convened a briefing session on the proposals for Monday 13th May at the Holiday Inn on Western Avenue (6.30pm).  Some OONF and GUA members will attend.

The content of a draft objection letter to the proposals was also discussed at our session.   A copy can be downloaded here 4 PORTAL WAY OONF OBJECTION.Draft

Apart from objecting on the grounds of excessive height, density, and lack of provision of public open space, this OONF objection also argued that the applicants cannot rely on the existence of an ‘extant’ planning permission for similar twin towers at 4 Portal Way.

This previous application was granted consent by LB Ealing’s Planning Committee in February (with the decision delegated by OPDC).  At that time Ealing Council had failed to make a formal decision to enter into the Scheme of Delegation put forward by OPDC.   It has since been argued that this and a number of other ‘delegated’ planning decisions made by Ealing are void for want of proper authority.

OPDC, as the body which initiated the delegation scheme, needs to satisfy the public that this previous planning consent at 4 Portal Way should be treated as a ‘material consideration of considerable weight’ (as claimed by the applicants in their Planning Statement).