Hammersmith & Fulham vote against OPDC proposed ‘modifications’

At the OPDC Board on March 4th 2021, Councillor Steve Cowan explained that he would be voting against the submission of the set of proposed ‘modifications’ to the 2018 version of the OPDC Draft Local Plan.

He suggested that these proposed changes to the Plan, which have taken OPDC planning officers 16 months to prepare, should be ‘laid on the table’ until the next meeting.  This would allow more time for local residents in north Hammersmith to be persuaded of the merits of the changes.

When the modifications were discussed at the OPDC Planning Committee on February 23rd, LBHF councillors Wesley Harcourt and Natalia Perez both abstained on the recommendation to progress the modifications to the Board.

Additional very high density tall residential towers along Scrubs Lane and north of Little Wormwood Scrubs are one of the causes of concern.  The lack of any vehicle access to the new £1.3bn Old Oak Common station (under construction north of Wormwood Scrubs) is another.

The OONF newsletter for March 2021 at this link gives more details March 2021 newsletter