OONF letter to OPDC Board February 28th 2024 and TfL slides

The Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum has sent a letter to the Chair and all members of the OPDC Board, setting out the growing concerns of local residents on recent news from HS2 and TfL.

  • problems identified by Transport for London (TfL) on the design and layout of the Old Oak Common rail interchange
  • continued lack of any workable solution to provide road access at the eastern end of the interchange, increasing reliance on the western entrance/exit on Old Oak Common Lane
  • announcements from HS2 that this section of Old Oak Common Lane could be closed to vehicles for as long as 4 years, for works to lower the road and install utilities.

We continue to believe there is lack of dialogue between the key agencies involved and the ‘host’ Boroughs.   It is the Boroughs which are the Highway Authorities for the interchange and the area now badged as ‘Old Oak West’.

Our letter to the Board can be downloaded here: OONF to Liz Peace on HS2 and OPDC plans Feb 2024.V4.1OONF to Liz Peace on HS2 and OPDC plans Feb 2024.V4.1

The TfL slides from October 2023 can be downloaded here: OOC DfT Surface Oct23 v3.0 (002)

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