Our response to the Draft London Plan

The Mayor of London has been consulting on the proposed new London Plan.  This will replace the current version, which was prepared and subsequently updated during the Boris Johnson Mayoralty.

The new version includes many good policies, but has a strong focus on ‘intensification’ of development across London and especially in Opportunity Areas.  It sticks to the 2012 target of 24,500 new homes on land at Old Oak.   This target has become increasingly unrealistic, as major infrastructure obstacles surface in relation to OPDC proposals for ‘Old Oak South’ (the area around the planned HS2 station).

The new London Plan says even less than the current version about neighbourhood planning.   It repeats familiar Mayoral statements about the needs to involve Londoners in the planning process, while ignoring the one route that Parliament has introduced  to enable local people to have any real influence on Local Plans.

The response from the Forum can be seen here OONF response to London Plan.V4.

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