Proposals for 5-7 Park Royal Road

This application is for development of new mixed use buildings on two sites in Park Royal Road.   The proposals are for a 33 storey building (Block A) for 988 student beds (small studios) and for a 15 storey building at Block B with 63 residential units.

In early public consultation sessions on this development, the applicants claimed that these buildings would be located within the ‘tall building zone’ at North Acton.  This was not true, as swiftly pointed out by OONF and neighbouring residents in homes along Western Avenue.   The sites lie within the OPDC ‘Place’ of Park Royal West’

Ever since proposals from Tiago Properties Ltd first surfaced in March 2022, OONF has been questioning how come these locations were added as ‘tall building sites’ at the very last stage of OPDC ‘modifications’ to the OPDC Local Plan.

This sequence of events is set out in a lengthy letter of objection to the application.   Copies of previous email correspendence on this development, between OONF and OPDC are also available for download below.

The Forum sees these proposals as a classic example of how landowners and speculative developers can use the planning system to bring forward schemes which fall outside existing policies and yet achieve supportive pre-application advice through a series of meetings and negotiations,

It has become well known that OPDC will look favourably on speculative development proposals – in its efforts to demonstrate a pipeline of housing schemes which will help the Development Corporation to display ‘momentum’ towards its ultimate target of 25,000 new homes in the OPDC area.

In the 8 years since the OPDC was established, this search for ‘momentum’ and ‘delivery’ has already led to the grant of planning consents which many West Londoners see as premature and unwise.  Uncertainty remains over the impact on the area of HS2, assuming Stage 1 from Birmingham to London is completed and Old Oak Common Station opens sometime between 2029 to 2032.

What form will a ‘new Old Oak’ take given the latest timeline for the link to Euston (early 2040s).   Is North Acton a good example of urban renewal in a global city?  Or could lessons be learned from other European cities which seem to manage large-scale regeneration more successfully?

If you wish to comment on the application at 5-7 Park Royal Road, there is still time to do so by emailing with your views.  You need to quote the application reference 23/0014/FUMOPDC  and include your name for your comments to be taken into account.

Relevant correspondence with OPDC, including the detailed objection letter from OONF can be downloaded below:

OONF objection on 5-7 Park Royal


OONF and OPDC emailexchanges April 2023

OPDC EW to OONF 20 June 2022


OPDC and OONf email exchange September 2022


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